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Lawn Mowing

Taking care of your property

To achieve a high quality finish on your grounds we have several mowers available. Depending on your requirements we can collect, mulch or spread with a range of cutting widths from our 42 inch catching zero-turn Walker Ride-on, or our 42 inch side throw Ride-on for the more uneven properties.

Annual contracts are avilable and successful outcomes are achieved through careful setting of targets and schedules, i.e. grass cutting heights depending on the time of year and special occasions.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing with a range of different mowing equipment, right sized for the job required.

Lawn Care Packages

A tailored lawn mowing package designed for each individual customer, dependent on grass type, size of mowing areas, mowing schedule required, customer needs and price.

Edge Trimming & Weed-eating

Tidying up the edges is essential for a complete and satisfactory job. These are the bits which can easily be ignored.

Hedge Trimming

Trimming back hedge growth for a neat and tidy looking hedge.

Scrub Cutting

Getting stuck in to clearing away scrub and overgrown plants that haven’t had much attention for some time.

Leaf Blowing

Easily clearing away grass clippings and foliage into tidy piles for mulching or removal.

Green Waste Removal

Cleaning up your mess or ours.

Taking care of your lawns

We love to keep the world greener and tidier!


No Job Too Big or Small

We Take Pride in our Work

Every Care is Taken

Small Residential Properties

Large Commercial Properties

Lifestyle Blocks

Parks and Reserves

Hotels and Motels

Retirement Villages

Our Customers

Properties large and small

Regular maintenance of your lawn will guarantee that you will be enjoying it all year round.

Being aware, that every lawn can be different, we tailor our seasonal care schedules to your lawn’s specific requirements.

Contact us for a no-obligation free quote to have your lawn maintained regularly!

Our Equipment

Right gear for the job

We have great capabilities over a wide variety of properties.

We are equipped with Walker, Hustler, and Castel Garden ride-on and walk-along lawn mowers.

We use a combination of petrol and electric weed-eaters, line trimmers, and electric blowers. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. As technology allows, we will follow this path.

42 inch Walker Ride-on
Hand Mowers
Weed Trimmers
Line Trimmers
Hedge Trimmers
Leaf Blowers

Our Approach

Fair Price Mowing

When you call for a free quote, we will arrange a suitable time to visit and then provide the quotation.

Our price packages include set price per mow or hourly rate.

Leaf blowing to clear your pathways and driveways is optional.

Total lawn care packages are available which are a specialty of ours.

Annual contracts are available and successful outcomes are achieved through careful setting of targets and schedules, i.e. grass cutting heights depending on the time of year and special occasions.

Other Services

Total Garden Care

Small property maintenance work is also part of our valued service.

Where necessary, we recommend specialist garden maintenance be carried out by Vicky Payne of Garden Groomers, who is well renowned in the Kapiti region.

Garden Groomers

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